Crewz Kit

Crewz Kit

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The car repair kit that allows you to fix your car, yourself, on your time! 

Includes a self-starting jumper pack with flashlight, an air compressor, a tire pressure gauge, fix-a-flat, tire valve caps, a mini snow scraper, a cloth, a first aid kit, rubber gloves,  and an instruction manual.

Additionally, the kit connects to an app with helpful how-to videos demonstrating the use of the tools as well as other basic car repair fixes. If all else fails, the app has a mapping feature that pinpoints the auto repair shops nearest to you. And what's more, reminders on the app will send you notifications when it's time to complete basic car repair maintenance tasks like changing your oil.

With Crewz Kit, you can say goodbye to hours spent hoping, wishing, and praying for a car repair fix, and get right back to Crewz'ing!


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