Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew

We’re the Crewz Crew: three female undergraduate students at Wake Forest University with a passion for entrepreneurship and empowerment. Crewz developed out of necessity and our own frustration- we were tired of calling our dads for every car issue we faced and being generally clueless about the basics of auto repair. We wanted a all-in-one car repair kit that would empower us to learn about our cars,m ourselves- so we never had to rely on another handyman or friend in a pinch again.

Crewz meets our consumers where they are- we provide any tool you would need for any issue you might encounter, because we get it, no one wants to be stranded and have to flag down a stranger to help you fix your car. So we included a self starting jumper pack, that allows you to start dead car batteries without needed another car, to keep you independent, and safe. The kit also includes Fix a Flat and a mini air compressor to get you back on the road no matter where you are when that flat happens. The tire pressure gauge, snow scraper, first aid kit, and flashlight will help you be prepared for any problem that might come your way.  

Don’t know how to use the tools? At one point we didn’t either. Our experience learning car repair fixes the hard way encouraged us to make simple videos that give you all the essentials without the jargon. So you don’t need to be an expert on cars- although our videos might help you become one.

Have a problem that needs more help than the tools provide? Our mapping features allows you to easily identify the garages nearest to you- so no matter where you are, you’re never far from help.

Crewz adds up to the all in one car repair solution that allows you to fix your car, yourself, on your time. Want in? Join the Crew. Subscribe to our site here or pre-order your kit now!

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    Our start-up, Crewz Kit, is founded by an all female team and we are creating a product that solves real problems that our generation, and future generations, face.
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